How it works

Here you can see the journey of “call a taxi”

It is easy and you have the confirmation in some seconds. Look at this:

Customer View

Type: calltaxi or use the button on the menu

Now, the place of pick up:

or you take a location picker:


every recived message get back as return

Destination, on the same ways and

now, you can put in a price indication or you have a limit.

Up, you see: confirmation of recived assignment

Down: confirmation from your driver

Costumer view:                                          Driver view:


first Driver tap on YES:                         second and more driver tap on YES:


See on the ID to find your driver.  This service is free for both of roi страна производительо криптовалютекак собрать низкочастотные запросыобучение продвижению сайтовelectric plugsдеревянные жалюзи киев