become Partners

We are strong cross-linked in Patong and can support you in every challenge. Our team is working in different digital tasks and the german education is very helpful to understand your business. If you can imagine to work together with us to build a website or make a smart solution in IoT technology let us here from you. Our engineers or our network all over the world will help you. Naturally we didn’t take any commission for join you.

our projects are this:

  • build a website for your business and empower you to adapt by yourself 
  • make your home or business smart and intelligent with parts of the internet of things
  • make your business digital 
  • interact easier with your costumer 
  • be a platform for your business 

You have deals like taxi driver, bus, traveling agency or have a restaurant?

How it works: the journey of taxi order by LINE.

Contact us to build up the network and make all easier for every one. You be part of our LINE community and get assignments throuth our system full automated. 

The system contains more than the hostel.

Please fill in your name with the english keyboard.
(optional) can be filled on contact.
Please leave your phone number for a quick contact and verify.
We sort all business owner to the best category. The guests get the best deal and you the best guests.
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