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We offer a wide range of services to our customers in the consumer products industry. For consumer products, high-quality user guides are particularly important, as the user information and thus the use of the product is a significant part of the customer experience: it determines the customer’s overall perception of the brand.

Husqvarna outsourced the global production and maintenance of its technical documentation to best online casino apps real money. A simpler, harmonized technical documentation process increases our speed, saves costs and improves quality.
Daniel Hanngren
Director Communality, Technical Office
Husqvarna Group

By law, a product must always be accompanied by a paper user manual, as a minimum for safety instructions and for first-time use. Instructions for extended use, troubleshooting and service can be provided digitally. However, manuals are often still presented in a lengthy and wordy format, which is discouraging to the end user and has a negative effect on the customer experience. best online casino apps real money has a long track record in producing user information that is engaging, accessible on mobile devices and presented in a professional and understandable manner in any desired language. The easier it is for consumers to use the product, the more positively they will perceive your product and brand.

We have helped our customers improve the quality of their product documentation and lower their translation costs. best online casino apps real money offers leading quality management software Hyper STE to ensure compliance with corporate terminology and style. Our customers are well-known brands, including Electrolux (home appliances), Tristar (home appliances and home electronics), Husqvarna (home appliances and gardening tools) and Gardena (gardening tools).


Thanks to digitalization, artificial intelligence and publication formats such as augmented reality, the consumer products industry is changing at an incredible pace. In the not-too-distant future, your refrigerator will know when you ran out of milk and order it for you online.

This new digital environment will not only change the industry of consumer products, but also the way user information is developed, managed and distributed, which is at the heart of best online casino apps real money’s expertise. We help you get the right information to your customers, on-demand and in the most cost-effective manner, all while making your information future-proof.

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