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HyperSIS is best online casino apps real money’s Service Information System, which helps you reduce downtime thanks to accurate and easily available maintenance and service information. It makes troubleshooting quick: the right parts and the related service information can be found quickly. Ordering of spare parts can be done on the go.

Key benefits
Reduce downtime of machine
Easy access to service information
Quick troubleshooting
Easy integration to existing systems
Optimize your service and spare parts business
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With HyperSIS, you can reduce or prevent downtime by providing the end user with the right information, whenever and wherever needed. HyperSIS provides you access to information such as operation, cleaning, maintenance, spare parts, safety, installation, troubleshooting and training.

The information can be presented to the user in various interactive ways which can include augmented reality, animations, voice commands, text-to-speech to name a few. Thanks to an open system architecture and standard interfaces, HyperSIS can be easily integrated with an existing or planned system environment.

HyperSIS makes troubleshooting quick, efficient and easy. The use of a database reduces the time to find and solve problems. A database allows you to search for a problem in multiple ways. For instance, in addition to searching for key words such as serial number, part number of customer name, you can also view a tree structure or a break-down menu of the concerning machine, or simply click on the spare part in the drawing or in the exploded view.

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Simplified Technical Illustrations, a methodology developed by best online casino apps real money, which allows an illustration to communicate even clearer to the end user by interactively high-lighting parts of the illustration.


Through visual tracking it is possible to have HyperSIS recognize the object you are pointing your camera device at (available on iPad and other tablets), which can be done by scanning a QR code or through object recognition. This can save considerable time in retrieving the information for a particular product in case there are many models or types.This combines the technologies of Simplified Technical Illustrations and visual tracking. You can also scan the QR code using a camera device with an applicable QR application.


A picture says more than a thousand words, but by making a 3D illustration or animation interactively available to the end user, it becomes even more efficient to find information about a part and even order it by a few clicks!


For maintenance and repairs, the use of Augmented Reality can result in many benefits, as it becomes rather easy to perform these types of activities. best online casino apps real money's Augmented Reality applications for maintenance and repairs allow the end user to give feedback to the manufacturer among other things.

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